school girl climbing on rope structureThe Kindergarten and School Age Programs offer before and after school care (and full day care on school holidays) for children attending Kindergarten through Grade 6. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 years as of December 31st are eligible. Children attending Kindergarten in the school where the child care program is located will be given priority for spaces within the child care program.

Hours - The programs operate between 7:00 a.m. to the start of yard supervision and from school dismissal to 5:45 p.m. Care is also available between 7:00 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. daily during March break, summer holidays, Christmas holidays and PD days that fall within the Catholic School Board calendar. (See sample daily schedule.)

A minimum registration of 2 consistent days per week is required for all children. Please note that morning and afternoon programs are treated separately. For example a child can be registered for Monday and Friday mornings only, or Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons only, but must be registered for those mornings or afternoons every week consistently.

  Kindergarten program School Age program
Staff/child ratio 1:13 1:15
Cost (school days) $14.25 / morning or afternoon $11.08 / morning or afternoon
Cost (PD days & holidays)

$44.70 / day

$34.78 / day


Program features

Activity Time - The children have the opportunity to explore and engage in their environments based on their interests and skills. The program plans are created by their educators based on observations, interests and input provided by the children.

Snack - The children have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy morning and afternoon snack at which they can have time to chat, unwind and relax with their peers.

School Family Meeting Time - The children gather together to foster a sense of family and community. School Family Meetings provide the children an opportunity to share experiences from their day and celebrations happening in their lives. The educators use the meeting time to get to know each child, respond to their needs and adapt the program to fit their needs.

Physical Activity Time - The children play in the school yard or, if the weather is uncooperative, play inside. Organized sports, group games and other types of physical activities are part of the programming. Physical activity time gives the children’s bodies what they need, as well as providing them with the opportunity to develop social skills such as teambuilding.

Quiet Activities/Homework Time - This time allows the children to complete homework, or to participate in a variety of quiet activities, such as leisure reading, puzzles, quiet games or individual activities. 

Kindergarten and School Age program locations

Our centres are located at schools operated by the Ottawa Catholic School Board

Click the centre's name below for more information on centres with Kindergarten and School Age programs.

Childcare centre Community
Baywood Stittsville
Beaconwood Gloucester
Chapman Mills Nepean
Crestway Nepean
Elmridge Gloucester
Emerald Meadows Kanata
Gardenway Orleans
Heron Gate Ottawa
Holy Spirit  Stittsville
Jackson Trails Stittsville
Keyworth Ottawa 
Lynwood  Nepean
Marchwood Kanata
Mountshannon Nepean
Portobello Cumberland
Shoreline Gloucester
St. Francis of Assisi Orleans
Stonehaven Kanata



Kindergarten and School Age Program Sample Schedule*

Sample Morning Schedule*       Sample Afternoon Schedule*

7:00 - Welcome, morning snack
7:15 - Activity Time- Indoors
8:00 - School Family Meeting Time
8:30 - Physical Activity Time- Outdoors
9:00 - Off to School Time


3:00 - Welcome/ Attendance & School Family Meeting Time
3:15 - Afternoon Snack
3:30 - Activity Time- Indoors/Outdoors (groups may rotate)
5:00 - Quiet Activities/Homework Time
5:45 - Program Closes

*These times will vary depending on school start and end times

We are a Community

All our centres participate in the OCCCC's Community Helper initiative. 

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Conscious discipline icon title  Conscious Discipline®

Our approach to child care is guided by Conscious Discipline®.

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How to Register

All our registrations are managed through the City of Ottawa`s Child Care Registry and Waitlist.

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