Our specialized multi-media Parenting Resource Library provides a broad selection of information, resources and training materials on specific topics of interest to our clients with children from birth through 6 years.

The parenting resource library is located within our playroom. Parents and caregivers can browse the shelves, review materials and ask our staff questions while their children are playing. Public access to the library is available 5 days per week, 10 months a year.

Specialized books, unique DVDs and out of the ordinary videos as well as recent acedemic research papers, articles, reports, specialized games/activites for children, one of a kind training programs, specific workshop resources and more.

Topics & catagories featured in the library:

  • Parenting issues (raising siblings/twins, step-children, blended families, pre/post natal, balancing life/work, managing stress, early language/literacy, behaviour.)
  • Health & safety (Post partum depression support, infant massage, bully prevention, mental health/anxiety disorders, low birth weight)
  • Issues related to children with special needs (autism, attention deficit, learning disabilites, personality, English as a second language, sign language, infant stimulation, chronic illness)
  • Family issues (divorce, family violence, sexual abuse, death)